2021 Releases That I Couldn’t Be More Excited For!!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I go back to school today and I’m pretty sad my winter break is over. But, there are so many great 2021 releases to be excited about, so I thought I would share just a few that I’m really looking forward to!

If you’re looking for more comprehensive lists of new releases, I would suggest checking out these posts by both Ruby and May. They are really great lists of tons of new releases that everyone should check out! In this post, I’ll only be talking about 15 releases in the beginning part of 2021 that I’m really excited for. This does not include middle grade releases, as I recently did a post dedicated to that (read it here). 2021 looks like a great reading year!!

  • Happily Ever Afters – I’ve already preordered this one! It is about a teen writer who decides to have a real-life romance to overcome her writer’s block!
  • One of the Good Ones – This book explores activism and memory and I’m really excited to try it.
  • Concrete Rose – Angie Thomas is one of my favorite authors and I really like that she’s decided to write a prequel to The Hate U Give about Starr’s father. I’ve also preordered this one!!
  • You Have a Match – After really enjoying Emma Lord’s debut, Tweet Cute, (read my review here), I’m really excited to try her next book!!
  • A Pho Love Story – This book follows two teens who fall in love and whose families have competiting pho restaurants!
  • When We Were Infinite – I loved Picture Us In the Light (it was the first book I ever reviewed) so I’m really excited to read Kelly Loy Gilbert’s next book!
  • The Mirror Season – I’ve just started reading Anna-Marie McLemore’s books and they are written so beautifully! This book looks so amazing!!
  • Lost in the Never Woods – After loving Cemetery Boys, I am so excited to read Aiden Thomas’s next book!
  • Rule of Wolves – Since the Grishaverse series is coming out on Netflix soon, I am really eager to read the next installment in the King of Scars series, even if I didn’t really like the ending of the first book very much.
  • The Infinity Courts – I don’t read a lot of sci-fi, but I’m really looking forward to trying Akemi Dawn Bowman’s new book!
  • What’s Not to Love – After enjoying the first Wibbroka book I’ve ever read (read my mini review here), I’m looking forward to reading their next book.
  • She Drives Me Crazy – This book has fake dating and enemies to lovers. I’m really excited that it features sports because although I don’t participate in them, they aren’t often explored in books.
  • Counting Down With You – As a lot of us have figured out, there are so many fake dating books coming out this year, and I’m really excited for this one that includes a bribe involving books.
  • Off the Record – This looks like a really interesting book about a teen journalist and the #MeToo movement
  • Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating – This is probably my most anticipated book of 2021!! I loved The Henna Wars (read my review here) and this book has fake dating and bi rep and I could not be more excited!!

What books are you looking forward to reading in 2021? Have you read any of these already? Let me know in the comments!!


17 thoughts on “2021 Releases That I Couldn’t Be More Excited For!!

  1. Love this list Ruby! I’m so excited for You Have a Match, When We Were Infinite, Counting Down With You, and The Infinity Courts!! (And YES I’m so excited for Shadow and Bone to hit Netflix!!) Happy, happy reading Ruby!

  2. so many great books on this list! i’m glad my post could help introduce some new ones to ya ❤ i'm so happy to hear that you've been reading a bit of anna-marie mclemore's work recently and loving it! they really are an amazing author 💘

    • Yes, your post was amazing!! I’ve only read three of Anna-Marie McLemore’s works, just what my library has, but I’m hoping to read their other two books that are out (The Weight of Feathers and Blanca & Roja) soon!! I absolutely love their writing style!!

  3. ruby i loved reading this post so much and i think we share the same anticipated releases!! 2021 is gonna be the year of fake dating books with marginalized characters as the protagonists 😍😍 & i’m very curious about concrete rose. angie thomas is such a great writer & i’m a little curious about starr’s father’s back story even tho i don’t remember much from THUG lmao

    • Yes 2021 looks amazing book-wise. I haven’t read a ton of books with the fake-dating trope, but that will definitely change this year!! I’m really excited for Concrete Rose. I recently reread THUG this summer for my book club and I loved it so much again. I think it’s an interesting choice to do a prequel about the father, so I’m really excited to read it!

  4. I’m so excited for so many of these books!! I really can’t wait for You Have a Match, and Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating. This is a wonderful list, Ruby!

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