About Me


Welcome to Ruby Reads and Reviews! My name is Ruby (pronouns she/her), and I’m a high school student currently living in West Texas. I absolutely love reading and writing! When I’m not discussing books on this blog (or doing homework), you can find me playing string bass or piano, singing, dancing, acting, or participating in academic competitions

About the Books I Read

I love to read a variety of books, but I mostly read YA. My favorite categories are fantasy and contemporary, but I am always open to book recommendations. I’m also trying to read more middle grade. I’m always eager to find recommendations for new books!

About my Blog

I started this blog in 2018 as a way to track my summer reading (although I have since deleted or made private all posts from that time). However, over the last couple of years I have been working hard to connect with other readers and make my posts better.

This blog offers book reviews and features/discussion posts. I have various scheduled features throughout the year, but currently the scheduled feature is Middle Grade Mondays, something that occurs every two weeks where I talk about all things Middle Grade. I try to post at least twice a week, although with school and life getting in the way, sometimes this doesn’t happen.


I am currently open for review requests! Please read my review policy before sending me books for review.

Feel free comment on any post! I love hearing feedback from people, especially those in the bookish community. Also, if you have any advice for ways I can improve my blog, whether it’s content or graphic design wise, please let me know. I am relatively new to this so I am always looking constructive feedback!

I also have a Goodreads and an Instagram for my blog (linked both in the header and the sidebar), and I would love to connect with you on other platforms!

Fill out my contact form, or email me at rubyreadsandreviews@gmail.com.