Book Review Index

Below are all of the book reviews I’ve done, sorted by author’s last name (if a book is cowritten, the book will be found under the first author alphabetically.) All of my book reviews are spoiler-free, unless otherwise noted. All book reviews are YA, unless otherwise noted. (MG for middle grade, A for adult).

Albertalli, Becky – Yes No Maybe So (with Saeed, Aisha)

Atta, Dean –The Black Flamingo

Colbert, Brandy – The Voting Booth

Feder, Tyler – Dancing At The Pity Party

Firestone, Carrie – Dress Coded (MG)

Gaigirdar Adiba – The Henna Wars

Green, Hank – An Absolutely Remarkable Thing (A)

Hernandez, Daisy – Colonize This! (with Bushra Rehman, both editors) (A)

Johnson, Leah- You Should See Me In A Crown (Mini Review)

Johnson, Maureen – The Box in the Woods (Blog tour review)

Kanter, Marisa- What I Like About You

Khorram Adib- Darius the Great Deserves Better

Leonard, M. G. – The Highland Falcon Thief (with Sam Sedgman) (MG) (Blog tour review)

Leonard, M. G. – Kidnap on the California Comet (with Sam Sedgman) (MG) (Blog tour review)

Lee, Lyla – I’ll Be The One (Mini Review)

Li, Christina – Clues to the Universe (MG)

Lord, Emma – Tweet Cute

Mills, Emma – Foolish Hearts (Mini Review)

Ramée, Lisa – A Good Kind of Trouble (MG)

Rishi, Farah Naz – I Hope You Get This Message

Rogerson, Margaret – Sorcery of Thorns

Smith, Jennifer E. – Field Notes On Love

Siegemund-Broka, Austin – Time of Our Lives (with Emily Wibberly) (Mini Review)

Silverman, Laura – Recommended For You (Mini Review)

Solomon, Rachel Lynn – Today Tonight Tomorrow

Spalding, Amy – We Used to Be Friends

Sugiura, Misa – This Time Will Be Different

Warga, Jasmine – Other Words for Home (MG)

Woodfolk, Ashley – When You Were Everything (Mini Review)

Woodson, Jacqueline – Brown Girl Dreaming (MG)

Vivian, Siobhan – Stay Sweet